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Pudge the Cat

So I hope everyone is having a super groovy day so far, rolling catnip mice and whatever you crazy cats are doing to celebrate this festive meowliday.

Anymeow, today’s feline Friday I am featuring the beautiful, the talented, the adorable: Pudge the Cat. I first discovered Pudge on Catster in an interview. I was hooked, I mean, come on— she’s an exotic shorthair calico princess like me! Then I found out she likes dogs TOO! How could I not like her?

I decided to contact her and request her presence on Tumblr because despite her internet fame, Pudges’s Tumblr didn’t exist, and well, come on. It’s TUMBLR! Luckily, she is now on Tumblr and without further a-mew, I present:

And of course:

remorseful Pudge

Pudge high on the ‘nip (in honor of 4:20, you know)


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